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a game plan.​​


writing the playbook
                  with Kelley King's 

Writing the Playbook



"This is a highly practical and highly relevant book. Two thumbs up!"

- Eric Jensen, author, Teaching with the Brain in Mind


"Finally, some practical advice from an experienced educator on how to make boys into successful students. King's credentials - mother of both a son and daughter, as well as a principal who successfully addressed gender gaps at her school - are unbeatable."

- Richard Whitmire, author, Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That’s Leaving Them Behind



Writing the Playbook is a K-12 "how-to" guide for increasing boys' achievement and engagement and reducing discipline problems. This practical, step-by-step book equips school leaders with:​​

• The science behind how the male brain learns;​

• The data you need to make the case with faculty, parents, district leadership, and other stakeholders.

• A school improvement plan that gets the whole team on board and closes those gender gaps;

• Professional development tools and activities to sustain a multi-year focus; .....

Dr. Kelley King is an author, educational consultant, international speaker and certified online instructor, including 8 years spent working closely with the Gurian Institute as a master certified trainer and Associate Director.     


In all of her roles, Kelley draws on her 30+ years of experience in public and private education (both as a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle and high school levels), along with her specialized knowledge of science and pedagogy, to increase the academic achievement and social-emotional 

well-being of all students.......

                  Download "Top 10 Tips for Teaching Writing to Boys"
Download "Top 10 Tips for Teaching Math and Science to Girls"
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