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Blueprint for Success:

Writing the Playbook  is a K-12 "how-to" guide for increasing boys' achievement and reducing discipline problems.  The book addresses the deveopmental trajectory for ages 5-18 and tackles the issues that are the biggest barriers for boys and young men at all levels through high school and post-secondary. This practical, step-by-step book equips school leaders with:​​

• The science behind how the male brain learns;​

​• The data you need to make the case with faculty, parents, district leadership, and other stakeholders.

• A school improvement plan that gets the whole team on board and closes those gender gaps;

• Professional development tools and activities to sustain a multi-year focus;

• A look at well-intended school policies that hurt boys – and how we can fix these;

• Relationship-building tips that help boys feel like they really belong at school;

• Classroom strategies that keep both boys and girls engaged, motivated and learning.

It's time to get a game plan.

Because not a single boy should have to wait.


Foreword by Michael Gurian

author of "Minds of Boys" &

"Boys & Girls Learn Differently"

writing the playbook
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