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Critical Acclaim:


“This is a must-read for school leaders and teachers.  Based on both research and "wisdom of practice," it offers a wealth of strategies to boost the achievement and happiness of boys in school. If you can only read one book about how to reach boys, this is it.”

-Judith Kleinfeld, Director of the Boys Project & Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Alaska

"As a lifelong feminist and the grandmother of three boys just starting school, I am passionately interested in boys being taken 'as they are' and taught in ways that will help them develop. In school, too many boys are falling behind. For a strong America, we need both genders to thrive and to lead. And King's book will help us get to that America."

-Dottie Lamm MSW, Denver Post Columnist & Former First Lady of Colorado

​"This book should be required reading for every teaching credential candidate and educator. It neurobiological approach to learning and behavior is not rocket science; it's long overdue common sense. Bravo!"

- Joe Manthey, educational consultant

"This is a must-read for school leaders. King, an expert on bridging the gender gap in schools, asks educators to see things through "the boy lens," which is absolutely necessary today when so many boys aren't coming close to reaching their full educational potential. She offers practical advice for making schools boy friendly, which works just fine for girls too. I applaud her passion, dedication, and expertise. Here’s a book that can truly make a positive difference for our society and its future.”

- Mark Sherman PhD, Emeritus professor of psychology at SUNY New Paltz & Editor of Boys and Young Men: Attention Must Be Paid

"Writing the Playbook provides the solutions that school systems globally are desperately searching for regarding the behavior and academic performance of boys. It is written in a way that is engaging, empowering, and inspiring to those at all levels of education. If you've ever desired a positive educational atmosphere, this book provides the blueprint!"

- Chris Cannon, author, Winning Back our Boys: The ultimate game plan for teachers and parents

"Kelley King's both impassioned and level-headed, and she starts a conversation that we desperately need to have in our country."

- Michael Kimmel, author, Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men & SUNY Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology

"Boys and girls can differ vastly in how they most effectively learn. As educational leaders it is critical that we create school environments that clearly reflect and demonstrates this understanding. This insightful book will inform, guide, and transform the way you lead in schools. This is a great resource that will definitely produce results!"

- Don Haddad, Ed.D., Superintendent, St. Vrain Valley School District

"I am thrilled that Kelley King is speaking out on behalf of our boys! While they sit motionless in traditional classrooms, she makes the case for justified changes. No longer can we allow the so-called experts to claim that boys and girls are the same. No longer can schools let the needs go unaddressed. Enough! Bring on the strategies for our boys that will allow teachers to inspire them to greatness!" 

- Kim Bevill, Director of Gray Matters & Educational Consultant

"Kelley's book is a guide to support all educators in making high achievement for all a reality. If we collaborate as educators and as parents, we canmake sure that both boys and girls are challenged and supported in schools."

- Cynthia Stevenson, Ph. D., Superintendent, Jeffco Public Schools​

writing the playbook

"This is a highly practical and highly relevant book. Two thumbs up!"

- Eric Jensen, author, Teaching with the Brain in Mind​

"Finally, some practical advice from an experienced educator on how to make boys into successful students. King's credentials - mother of both a son and daughter, as well as a principal who successfully addressed gender gaps at her school - are unbeatable."

- Richard Whitmire, author, Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That’s Leaving Them Behind

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