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What are educators saying about Kelley's workshops & classes?

 “Presenter is very knowledgeable of her topic, and highly entertaining!” - High school social studies teacher, Hope AR

“I was drawn to this seminar by the fact that you included girls—as the mother of a daughter I don’t want her education to take a back seat!” - Middle school language arts teacher, Buffalo NY


Relevant research and real world ideas and connections to use in my classroom—as well as at home with my own two children. This was the best workshop/training I’ve been to in twenty years!” - 3rd grade teacher, St. Louis MO

Terrific information—Kelley knows it well, and it was presented in an interesting way. I loved that we tried things we can use.” - Kindergarten teacher, Panama City FL

“Kelley was an amazing speaker, always keeping me engaged in the useful information she had to offer. She was a clear speaker and her slides were relevant to the text we were given.” - 5th grade teacher, Duluth MN

"Kelley, I absolutely loved the topic and the understanding I gained through your questions. There were many times I felt so enlightened by the process of examining my experiences and digging deeper into the content." - High school math teacher in the online class

"The subject matter is part of what made this offering such an excellent choice. As a current classroom teacher, I cannot afford to miss a chance to better reach all learners in my class. This workshop provided down-to-earth, real-life information that I can use immediately." - High school teacher, San Antonio TX

"I wanted to thank you also for the great breakout session you led at NSDC. I took a great deal from your session --- information and practical applications that I can use in my own teaching and in my coaching.  The session was informative, interactive, and motivating.   I was so pleased, too, to see you -- a principal -- who has her finger right on the pulse of quality instruction.  All too often, I see principals who have lost touch (orperhaps never had it!) or who seem to no longer have the time to give to understanding what best instruction is all about.   I came home and told my husband  (he's also in education), 'I'd work for that principal!'" - Student Achievement Coach, Denver CO

"Thank you again for such a wonderful presentation!  You energized me to think about brain research around gender again and have caused me to think critically about some areas around this topic.  I have already used many of your ideas into writing training that I have been conducting and it has made it that much stronger - thank you again!" - Literacy & Social Studies Coordinator, Greeley CO

“I find myself thinking about and talking about things learned during your training.  What a terrific way to frame the teaching I do to ALL my kids, boys and girls.  It was the perfect energy boost as we start a new school year.” - Middle school teacher, Centennial CO

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation.  I found it to be one of the most useful seminars I have attended in my 38 year career.  Great job!  How worthwhile!  Regardless of how long I have taught, I keep on trying to do it better.  Your seminar has already impacted the way I teach boys. I went right back to school and taught the helping verbs by making my kids march the helping verbs outside to a military-style cadence.  The kids loved it and learned them quickly as a result." - 2nd grade teacher, Colorado Springs CO


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