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About the Author:

     Dr. Kelley King is an author, educational consultant, international speaker and certified online instructor, including 8 years spent working closely with the Gurian Institute as a master certified trainer and Associate Director. 

     In all of her roles, Kelley draws on her 30+ years of experience in public and private education (both as a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle and high school levels), along with her specialized knowledge of science and pedagogy, to increase the academic achievement and social-emotional well-being of all students. 

     As an award-winning school principal in Colorado, Kelley led her own staff to close the gender gap in reading and writing in just one year and has had her school’s success featured on The Today Show, in Newsweek magazine, in Educational Leadership, and on National Public Radio, among others.

     Kelley has always prided herself in mixing energy, humor, interactivity, science and common-sense and research-based practical strategies in her work with educators.

     Kelley’s third book, Writing the Playbook: A Practitioner's Guide to Creating a Boy-Friendly School, was released by Corwin Press in March 2013.

To view each of Kelley's books, click on the images below:

Click here to view Kelley's Press Kit.

Listen to a 10 minute interview with Kelley on the issue of boys and school.

strategies for teaching boys and girls elementary level
strategies for teaching boys and girls secondary level
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