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1.5 to 2.0 hour keynotes provide parents, community members and educators with the essential information about hard-wired brain differences between boys and girls and the implications for improving motivation, behavior & achievement.

Kelley's keynotes will give your event the high-energy opener or closer that you are looking for. Humorous, fast-paced, and eye-opening, Kelley's keynote will provide an introduction to the brain science and will equip attendees with some key strategies that they can immediately implement. Unlike most keynotes, Kelley's participants will be actively engaged, interacting with one another, and on the edge of their seats! Kelley's highly-relatable style helps participants engage with both Kelley and with the content through laughter, reflection, and a renewed sense of empowerment to help students thrive.

For specific keynote & workshop topics, CLICK HERE.

Kelley regularly presents at regional and national conferences that are open to the public.

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